Children's church

Exciting news // We're bouncing back!

We are now in a position to be able to begin to run some of our children's groups again from Sunday 4th October, and hope that this will enable some more families to return to church.

Due to ongoing restrictions, and reduced space and manpower, we are currently unable to run all groups as before.  We look forward to being able to do this in future, but for now we have chosen to prioritise the age groups where we have the most children, and those we are able to cater for safely:

  • Group 1: Any children in primary school
  • Group 2: Any children in secondary school year 7-9

For those attending Children's Church on Sundays, the following measures will apply (in line with the government's protective measures for out-of-school settings):

  • All children must be registered for each service in the same way as adults. The two children's church groups will show as ticket options on the online booking page.  Any remaining spaces in each group will be available for children turning up on the day but cannot be guaranteed.
  • The primary and secondary school groups will operate as two separate groups, in different halls and with different leaders. These "bubbles" will remain as consistent as possible and will not interact. Each group will have a maximum of 15 children each week.
  • The halls, kitchen and toilets are professionally cleaned early on a Sunday morning ready for use by our Children's Church. Children will be asked to wash or sanitise their hands when they arrive and leave, and after using the toilet or coughing/sneezing. Appropriate distancing will be maintained at all times, and activities will be planned in such a way as to minimise risk.
  • Children's Church will run at the same time as the main service in church (11am-12pm), and children must be taken straight to the entrance to the halls before the start of church and collected from there afterwards. Their activities will be completely separate from the service in church – children will not start off in church or return for the end of the service. To enable us to keep informed of what they have been getting up to, short videos will be taken each week to show their activities and their work, which will be shown in church.  Children will only be included in images if we have the necessary consent.
  • Children will not be required to wear face coverings during children's church.

We regret that this reduced provision will exclude some, but while we wait for the day we are able to safely resume a full children's ministry, please be aware of some further steps we are taking to be able to include everyone:

  • We are working to re-open the creche room safely, so that a limited number of parents will be able to use it if they wish for nursing babies or for young children to play. There will be a reduced number of toys (with antibacterial wipes available), and in addition to the speaker already in there, there will also be a TV with video link so you won't miss the service.
  • Our Children's Church team will produce and send out short videos – suitable for everyone, but especially for those who are unable to come back to church at this time. These videos will include an activity, a bible story and a prayer.
  • Some of our older young people may wish to get involved in the Media Team and work their magic on the sound desk, computer, filming or streaming…their skills are in huge demand!

Children's Church Consent
Children's Church registration form (to be completed the first time a child attends children's church)