Baptism service

After being unable to hold any baptism services for over a year, we're looking forward to our next baptism services coming up soon!  Baptism is a great time of celebration as people declare publicly that they have decided to follow Jesus.

We currently have three baptism services scheduled for the coming months:

  • Sunday 4th April (Easter Sunday)
  • Sunday 6th June
  • Sunday 25th July

Things will look a little different to normal, and we have a number of safety measures in place - national government guidelines for baptism by immersion, and additional safety measures of our own:

Existing government guidelines Our additional safety measures
  • Social distance maintained except at the point of immersion
  • Only one person immersed at a time, and only by a single officiant
  • The officiant should sanitise their hands after each person is immersed
  • Existing restrictions will apply in the church service - masks, distancing, etc.
  • There will be a limited number of people allowed in the church building maintaining appropriate distancing [capacity subject to the size of the building] - we will also livestream the service online as normal.
  • We will baptise a limited number of people at each service, and have scheduled multiple baptism services to allow for this.
  • The water in the baptistry will be treated with pool chemicals to prevent the spread of infection [COVID-19 is not believed to spread in water but this is an additional precaution]
  • We will ask all those being baptised to take a COVID test on the Saturday (or Sunday morning!) of the baptism service weekend, and this must show a negative result. The pastor will do the same.