"Above & Beyond" Holiday Club 2018

We are so excited about Holiday Club, coming this summer!  Open to anybody aged 5-11, this will be an incredible week with lots of activities, games, friends, and Christian input.  

Running out of ideas for childcare or activities in the summer holidays?  Look no further!

As well as offering a 50% discount for siblings (we know money is tight in summer!), we are offering an additional 10% off all bookings made before 5th August.  We have tried to keep charges as low as possible to help cover the costs of a week of activities.  At this church, we will never allow finances to be a barrier.  We want every child to be able to attend holiday club regardless of family circumstances.  If affordability is a problem, please contact the pastor directly and we will sort something!  Please don't keep your child home just for the sake of money.

To register your child(ren), please complete the form below (one per child - if you have more than one child to register, please complete for one first then repeat).


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